Our church is part of the world-wide United Methodist Church.  When you join a United Methodist congregation, you become a member of the total United Methodist connection.  Members promise God and the congregation to uphold the church with their prayers, presence, gifts and service.
United Methodism started with the evangelical revival in the 1700′s with John and Charles Wesley in England and Francis Asbury in America.  Today more than 54 million people use the term “Methodist” as part of their church fellowship, all springing from John Wesley.  About 11 million of these are United Methodists.
United Methodists are a diverse people of culture, race and geography.  While we trust free inquiry in matters of Christian belief, we acknowledge the primacy of the Bible in our doctrine.  Scripture is interpreted in the light of Jesus Christ.  Our faith is guided by the 2000 year Christian tradition, the inner witness of the Holy Spirit and our God-given capacity to reason.
We are mission-oriented, supporting thousands of missionaries in many countries of the world, and working closely with other Christian denominations in missionary service and relief.  We support numerous hospitals, nursing centers, colleges and children’s agencies.We believe the message of Jesus Christ our Savior and Lord should change and heal personal lives, but we also believe Christ’s ministry has a social dimension.  Believing in a God who created the earth, we believe we are to be His caregivers for the water, air, soil, minerals and all living things.  We believe in a committed marriage and family life and affirm the integrity of single persons.  We believe in fairness toward everyone regardless of race, gender or nationality.
If you want to be part of a community where you are cared for, where you desire to give of yourself in service; if you want to join a community of imperfect persons struggling to meaning, then Summerfield Peace United Methodist Church just may be the church of you!
Will you join us at Summerfield Peace United Methodist Church?